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Training & Instruction

KATHY WEAVER - Owner, Trainer, Instructor

    Kathy has been a participant in the horse industry for 50 years, the last 40 as a professional.  In 1970 Kathy started her riding career showing lent ponies in equitation.  By 1974, her parents (seeing no end to her love of horses) bought her “Ebb Tide”, a gray 4 year old TB/Cross from Gerry Hempt.  From 1975 to 1978 she trained and showed “Fillie” up to the 3’6 Junior Hunter Division, Medal and Maclay, and was ranked as one of the top junior riders in the country.  Cleaning tack, grooming, and braiding for other competitors paid her entry fees.  After marrying Doug in 1982 and several full time jobs, Kathy returned to horses in 1986.  Since then she has ridden and trained with hunter/jumper/equitation professionals such as George Morris, Anne Kursinski, Patty Heuckeroth, John Roper and Scott Hofstetter, selling several nice prospects along the way to finance her career.


    In 1993 running her business out of a leased facility and wanting to expand her knowledge and experience Kathy started riding with Dressage professionals Greta Clements, Charlotte Bayley and Jim Koford (Grand-Prix level dressage trainer and competitor now employed in Germany by Michael Klimke, son of legendary dressage master Dr. Reiner Klimke) whom she credits with being instrumental in helping her understand cross-training and develop her own teaching and training philosophy.


    A member of USEF, USHJA, USDF, and USEA as well as many local affiliates, Kathy has trained and coached countless horses and students to year-end awards in equitation, hunters, dressage and combined training.  The students at Harmony Hill Farm prove her training philosophy works.  Her system utilizes basic dressage movements on the flat to teach riders and horses, balance, relaxation and suppleness.  From there, horses going over fences are schooled in gymnastics to sharpen jumping technique and build confidence.  Course work at home is limited for competing horses, saving their best efforts for the show ring.


•    Available to boarders, leasers and ship-ins
•    Private and semi-private sessions are available in hunters, jumpers, equitation, and dressage
•    Sessons are personalized and designed toward educating the horse and rider together as a team developing a true partnership and allowing riders to progress at their own pace 
•    Positive encouragement is combined with safe and interesting on the flat and over fences to strengthen riding skills and build confidence  
•    Our riding program prepares both horse and rider who wish to show the solid foundation needed to compete successfully in their discipline

•    Customized to each horse
•    Flatwork fundamentals are used to create  a soft, supple and balanced horse
•    Ground rails are incorporated gradually to teach straightness and rhythm
•    Fence work is taught in stages to promote a willing well-rounded and confident animal



Please contact us for our current rates and to schedule a private tour of  the  facilities!

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CALL US: 717-528-4247 (Open Daily 8 AM - 8 PM)

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